What’s difference between Residential design and Commercial design ?

The interior design is very hot now, and “Residential project” and “commercial project” have also become high-frequency words in people’s mouths. However, many people don’t actually know the difference between Residential and commercial. Some people also think that interior design is divided into two directions: commercial design and home decoration design. In fact, this statement is not very accurate, because Commercial design also involves the outdoor part, and interior design is also required learning for commercial and home decoration. So the relationship between these three is very close, but there is a big difference between them.

So whats the difference between commercial design and residential design?

1.Commercial design: It generally refers to the decoration projects of public facilities of a certain scale, such as shopping malls, restaurants, offices, etc. And home design is closely related to personal affairs, almost everyone has a blueprint for their own home decoration.

2. Residential desing: It is different from the objects to be served compared with commercial design, so the focus of design should also be treated differently. Commercial design faces groups with the same purpose or common characteristics,need to pay more attention to details. For example, the purpose of the design and decoration of a shopping mall is to display products, promote sales, thereby improve the status of the shopping mall in the same industry and win corresponding profits, which must be considered from the public’s point of view. Home decoration should integrate more into the personal color of the occupants on the premise of ensuring the use of functions. From large styles to small accessories, from water and electricity pipelines to soft decoration of curtain fabrics, it can be said that “a sparrow is small but has all the internal organs”. This requires that the quality of home decoration designers should be comprehensive, not only professional, but also have certain life experience and know how to taste life.

Commercial design and home design analysis:

Different objects, The objects of commercial interior generally refer to decoration and decoration projects in public places, such as shopping malls, office buildings,Restaurant,Bar etc.; and home decoration generally refers to home decoration.

  1. Different scales: It is not difficult to understand from the above description. Generally speaking, the scale of commercial interior is larger than that of home decoration, but it cannot be absolutely said that the scale of Commercial interior must be larger than that of home decoration, not all Commercial case are large scale, all home improvement is small scale.

Different design angles:   Public Commercial design is generally designed for most people, so it is more rational in shape, material selection, and color, and therefore has greater limitations; while home decoration is based on the needs and hobbies of householders. Personalized design is much more flexible than commercial design.

Different rigor:  Because the engineering of commercial design is generally relatively large, and it is designed for most people, it is more rigorous, and various documents, such as business license, qualification certificate, contract, construction certificate, etc. are readily available. The home design is more casual, sometimes the customer requests the relevant documents to provide, but most of the time the customer does not strictly require it.

2).Introduction and production of commercial design

The commercial design site drawing is to show the actual effect after construction with a real and intuitive view through construction drawings before construction and decoration construction, so that everyone can see the actual effect after construction at a glance. The commercial effect drawing generally refers to the effect performance drawing made for the decoration projects of public facilities with a certain scale, such as shopping malls, restaurants, office building, etc. The application of functions is the primary condition for the performance of commercial design


By type: Office space, commercial showroom, entertainment and leisure places, hotel ,catering, public space and others.

By function: Studio, supermarket, pharmacy, clothing store, barber shop, chess and card room, coffee shop, tea room, bar, KTV, karaoke, etc.

Production method: Making the design sketch of commercial design is different from the production of home decoration site. It will be easier to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the process and methods of making commercial design renderings. Let’s take a look:

1.3D modeling: Using 3d max, firstly model the main building and various furniture in the room, and can also be used to model some refined small objects, such as: some indoor knickknacks, irregular surfaces Objects that do not require precise dimensions, they only need to be visually harmonious, which can greatly reduce modeling time.

2.Rendering output: Use professional rendering software VR to set materials and lighting, render until output.

  1. Post-processing: Use Photoshop and other graphics processing software to modify the above rendering results: 1) Add trees, vehicles, ships, etc. in the construction field; 2) The background can be completed in 3D rendering, but the perspective effect of the background is specially required. The perspective effects of scenic spots, such as characters and buildings, should be as consistent as possible, so that the rendered decorative renderings will be closer to reality; 3) Further emphasize the overall atmosphere effect, such as color, proportion, etc.;

3). Introduction and production of home decoration renderings

The drawing of home design sketch is to show the actual effect after construction with a real and intuitive view through construction drawings before the home and decoration construction. Home design renderings: The renderings of the pan-pointer home decoration project.

Style European classical, European modern, Chinese classical, Chinese modern, Chinese and Western,Neoclassical, Zen style, Southeast Asian style, American style, Spanish style, pastoral style, Mediterranean style, simple style, post-modern style, modern style, natural and elegant, childlike style. The most popular nowadays is the style of heavy decoration and light decoration, which promotes the modern people’s micro-fashion and micro-creative home decoration effect.

Function: Entrance, aisle, living room, bedroom, study, dining room, kitchen, balcony, bar, garden, sanitary, classical home decoration renderings, children’s room, girl’s room, boy’s room, bridal room, cloakroom, lounge, basement , Laundry room, dressing room, gym, elderly room, work room, rental house.

Style: Chinese, European, Korean, American, Japanese, Hong Kong, Greece, Scandinavia, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Spain, Italy, Mexico, modern simplicity, pastoral fashion, warm and elegant, classical, alternative, mix and match, luxury, fresh, art Art Deco, simple decoration

Component partition: Ceiling, attic, shoe cabinet, doors and windows, window panes, curtains, bedding, wall painting, TV wall, decorative wall, photo wall, tatami, floor decoration, cabinet, platform, bay window, green plants, bathtub, Closet, Sofa, Fireplace, Shelf, Bogu Shelf, Sink, Pet Corner, Refreshment Table, Classical Furniture, Bar, Wine Rack, Dining Table, Staircase, Bookshelf, Toilet, Wardrobe, Lamp, Coffee Table, Shower Room, Locker, Writing desk, lift table, home accessories, dresser, wood trim, panel, stone, panel, potted plant, hand-painted furniture

House type:, small unit, medium unit, large unit, villa, duplex, building within a building

Colors: Cool (Purple Blue Green), Neutrals (Black White Grey), Warm (Red Orange Yellow)

Properties: Effect drawing, actual drawing, apperance, floor plan

Drawing process

Some people use hand-painting, and with the development of technology, more people use computer design software: first use AUTOCAD to arrange the floor plan, and then arrange the modeling. The main tools for modeling are 3DMAX. After the model is built, render it again. The rendering tools are: LS, VRAY, etc. The rendered image can be used. Of course, it is usually post-processed. It is very convenient to use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP software for post-processing, and then export it in JPG format and submit it to the customer.

Design point of view

The principles of modern home design, starting from the creation of requirements that meet modern functions and meet the spirit of the times, emphasize the need to establish the following basic viewpoints:

  1. Interpersonal activities as the core “serving people, this is the cornerstone of the social function of home decoration design.” The purpose of home decoration design is to serve people by creating a home decoration space environment. Designers always need to put people’s needs for home decoration environment, including material use and Spiritual two aspects, on the first place in the design. Due to the intricate contradictions in the process of design, the problems are abounding, designers need to clearly understand that people-oriented, serving people, in order to ensure people’s safety and physical and mental health, to meet the needs of people and interpersonal activities as the core of the design. The mundane truth of serving people is often overlooked in design due to consideration of many local factors. Modern home decoration design needs to meet people’s physical and psychological requirements, and needs to comprehensively deal with many relationships between people and the environment, interpersonal communication, etc. It is necessary to comprehensively solve the use function, economic benefits, comfort and beauty, and environmental atmosphere under the premise of serving people. Various requirements.

In the process of design and implementation, many issues such as materials, equipment, quota regulations and coordination with construction management will also be involved. It can be considered that modern home improvement design is a highly comprehensive systematic project, but the starting point and destination of modern home improvement design can only be to serve people and interpersonal activities. Starting from the “functional cornerstone” of serving people, designers need to be meticulous and put themselves in their shoes to create a beautiful home decoration environment for people. Therefore, modern home decoration design pays special attention to the research of ergonomics, environmental psychology, aesthetic psychology, etc., in order to scientifically and penetratingly understand the design requirements of people’s physiological characteristics, behavior psychology and visual experience for the home decoration environment. . For different people and different users, different requirements should be considered accordingly.

In terms of the organization of the home space, the selection of colors and lighting, and the contrast of the home improvement environment and atmosphere of the corresponding use nature, it is more necessary to study the requirements of people’s behavioral psychology and visual perception. For example, the towering home decoration space of the church has a sense of mystery, the regular home decoration space of the conference hall has a solemn feeling, and the brilliant colors and colorful flashing lighting of the entertainment place give people a psychological feeling of excitement and laziness. We should make full use of the currently available material and technical means and corresponding economic conditions to create a home improvement artificial environment that is first and foremost to meet the needs of people and interpersonal activities.

2. Strengthen the overall view of the environment,from conception of modern home decoration design, the creation of home decoration style and environmental atmosphere, need to focus on the consideration of the overall environment, cultural characteristics and functional characteristics of buildings. Modern home improvement design, understood from the overall concept, should be regarded as a “link in the chain” in the environmental design series. The “inside” of home improvement design and the “outside” of the outdoor environment (including natural environment, cultural characteristics, location, etc.) can be said to be a pair of contradictions that complement each other and are dialectically unified. It is more and more necessary to have sufficient understanding and analysis of the environment as a whole, start with home decoration, but focus on “outdoors”.

One of the drawbacks of current home decoration design – similar to each other, there is little innovation and individuality, and lack of necessary understanding of the environment as a whole and research, so that the basis of the design is general, and the design concept is limited and closed. It seems that the analysis of the relationship between the environment and home improvement design is also an important reason. Modern home improvement design, or home improvement environment design, the “environment” here There are two meanings: The first meaning is that the home improvement environment refers to many aspects including the home improvement space environment, visual environment, air quality environment, sound, light and heat and other physical and psychological environments. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the visual environment in home improvement design. Design (otherwise it is not home improvement design), renderings should not be limited to the visual environment, and should also attach great importance to factors such as the sound, light, heat and other physical environment, air quality environment and psychological environment of home improvement, because people are concerned about whether the home improvement environment is The feeling of comfort is always comprehensive.

 Even if a home decoration with a hot and high noise background, even if it looks beautiful, it is difficult to give people a pleasant feeling when staying there. Some foreign-related hotels have more concentrated complaints, often in the evening. The low-frequency noise of elevators and boiler rooms and the noise of sanitary ware pipes in the bathroom affect rest. In many hotel lobbies, bright and hard decorative materials are used excessively from the perspective of visual perception, from the ground to the wall, from the stairs, From the railing of the corridor to the counter tops and counters of the service desk, the reverberation time in the lobby is too long, and the clarity of speech is very poor. Of course, the cost is also very high. A hotel that I stayed in has a similar evaluation. Another meaning is that the home improvement design is regarded as the natural environment—urban and rural environment (including historical context)—community neighborhoods, building outdoor environment—home improvement environment,The organic part of the series is a “link in the chain”, and there are many causes and effects between them, or factors that restrict and prompt each other.