Tape full collections:Tape chair,tape armchair and tape sofa.


The whole chair can be made with completely same fabric/leather upholstery,or the back it’s upholstery in leather,and seat part it’s with fabric upholstery.


Metal painted with a polish anti fingerprint Bronze varnished. The front legs are protected by a strip of curved metal in the same finish as the base. The back legs have a leather or saddle-hide trim. Adjustable stainless-steel feet painted Bronze colour. Black protective polyethylene glides.

Pls see below it’s the tape collections which it’s done for us.

The left green one,tape chair, the completely back it’s upholstered with Leather, seat cushion and back cushion made with fabric uphosltery.

The middle one, tape armchair, it’s whole chair it’s upholstery with fabric.

The right tape sofa, it’s all upholstered with fabric,the back frame it’s in darker fabric.

As you can see, for the base it’s can be made with 3 different metal finishes,bronze, gun black, and silver.

This yellow tape armchair it’s upholstered with fabric seat and back rest, and the base it’s stainless steel with gun black finishes.

Below it’s the tape armless chair with body contacted part it’s upholstery with fabric seat and back rest, the chair’s back it’s uphosltery green leather, base comes it’s stainless steel with rose gold finishes.